Lipstick colors for your skin tone for perfect look

I always wonder why few lip colors look extremely good and few colors look awful for me? With a lot of confusion to select the best lipstick I end up choosing the worst one. I decided to know the reason and did some research and finally found the answer. We always look our skin tone which we can see in a mirror and we totally forget about our skin under tone. Who don’t have any idea about their skin under tone always end up selecting the wrong colors for their dress, foundation, lipstick etc… First let me help you to find your skin under tone so that you will have a perfect idea about the lipstick colors for your skin tone.

If you know your skin under tone please skip this step or else continue.

Find you skin under tone:

Skin tone

There are three types of skin under tones cool, warm and neutral. Go through the below table to find your skin under tone.

Veins on your wrist look in blue or purple color If veins on your wrist look in green color you will fall under this category You will be a bit confused to find whether your veins or green or blue
Silver jewels look beautiful on you Gold jewels look awesome on you Both silver and Gold look perfect on you
When you look yourself closer in a mirror you make look a little bit pinkish color. I am a K- drama lover. Most of the Actress in the dramas have a pinkish under tone and it’s clearly visible. look yourself closer in a mirror you may look a little bit yellowish or orangish color. Most of the Indians fall under this category Your skin may look a little bit yellowish and also you may look a little bit pinkish.

With the help of the above table you can find your skin under tone easily.

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Types of lipstick colors for your skin tone:

Lipstick colors for your skin tone

let’s find the best lipstick color which suits your skin tone. You can find a table below. Kindly go through it to find the answer for your question.

FAIR OR LIGHT SKIN Pale pink shade, peachy nude shade, orangish red shade, coral shade, rust brown shade, orange shade Purplish red shade, mocha shade, Nude shade, Magenta shade, wine shade Cherry red shade, Plum shade, Pink rose brown shade, light pink nude shade, orange shade
MEDIUM SKIN Brown shade, warm nude shade, rose shade, plum shade, peachy nude shade Blue or purplish pink shade, cranberry shade, pinkish brown shade. Bronze shade, berrish tint shade, beige nude shade, peach shade
TAN OR DARK SKIN Peach based nude shades, blush velvet shade, rust brown shade Wine Shade, Velvet red shade, pink based nude shade, chocolate brown shade Brown shade, Mauve Shade, Beige nude shade, taupe shade,

I found this shades after some research. These are some best and popular shades. There are many shades which I didn’t mention in the above table. If I didn’t mention your favorite color please leave a comment and let me know.

Matte Lipstick or Glossy Lipstick:

Lipstick colors for your skin tone

We are always confused whether to prefer matte or glossy lip sticks. I always prefer matte lipstick during summer because they show their true color. When you apply glossy lip sticks they give an oily look and make your face look dull and oily during summer, if you use matte lip stick you will get the perfect summer look. Sometimes we face problems like dry and chapped lips, if we apply matte lipstick on dry lips our lips look horrible. So I suggest you to use glossy lipstick because of their liquid consistency the dryness will disappear and our lips feel soft and glossy. If you are a matte lipstick lover facing the problem of dryness try matte liquid lipstick they hydrate your lips and provide that matte lipstick look.

Few tips to choose the best lipstick colors for you:


If you have pigmentation on your lips go for matte lip sticks they cover the pigmentation with their thick consistency. Coming to size of lips, we all have different size of lips, if you have thick lips applying glossy lip stick will make your lips appear fuller. So go for matte lipsticks they make you lips look unique. If you have thin lips glossy lip stick look good on you and matte lip sticks also work for you. Prefer neither dark eye shadow or lip stick. Don’t apply the both in dark color. If you wear a dark lipstick go for a light eye shadow color if you prefer a dark eye shadow color go for a light lip stick.

Use the same color lipstick and lip linear don’t use different linear and lipstick because it’s not in trend anymore. When you go to purchase a lipstick try the lipstick inside your arm it will save your time and you can choose the best lip color for you. Don’t hesitate to try them. You can pick the best one only if you try.



This not a strict rule to follow. If you have faced a situation like the lipstick that you have purchased doesn’t suit you these steps will help you find the best lipstick color for your skin tone. Practice makes you perfect get more lipsticks and play with colors. One day you will become a pro. What you wear doesn’t matter if you have the confident to carry it. Don’t allow anyone to judge your looks. You know how you look and what looks good on you. Believe in yourself.

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