Khadi Charcoal Face Mask review:

Hi girls! Today I came up with another popular product which is available in Indian market. I heard many positive and negative comments about this product. I was confused what to believe. So I thought to give it a try. Khadi is a popular brand in India. All the products are made up of natural ingredients. I am here to review the khadi Charcoal face mask. Let’s get into the product without any further delay.

Price of Khadi charcoal face Mask: Rs. 225/- for 210 ml


Khadi Charcoal Face mask

Each ml contains natural extracts charcoal, punicagranatum (pomegranate root) 20mg.centellaasiatica (brahmi w/h) 40mg, ocimum sanctum (Indian basil leaf) 40mg, morus Alba (mulberry bark) 25mg, cucumissativus (cucumber fruit) 25mg, and base q.s.

Shelf Life: 3 years

What khadi charcoal face mask claims?

Infused with cleansing and purifying herbal actives like mulberry, basil, cucumber and pomegranate, this charcoal mask gentle cleans the skin of dirt, grime, dead cells and toxins. Its quick drying peel tightens and tones the skin. Mulberry and gotukola help promote complexion and glow. Khadi Mauri herbal charcoal face mask offers you the benefits of a complete facial and your face gets an instant face lift.


Khadi Charcoal Face mask

It has thick glue like texture. The color of the texture is black. The cap doesn’t allow the product to come out because of its glue like texture. You should open the full cap to use the product.

My experience with khadi charcoal face mask:

Sorry for the hair on my hand I usually don’t do waxing

Khadi charcoal face mask comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a open and close type cap. The plastic bottle has got all the product details mentioned on it. It also contains a detailed description of usage on it. The package is travel friendly.

It is a black colored peel of mask. It has a glue like fragrance which I don’t like about this product. Texture of the product is thick and hard to spread all over the face. While applying, it feels like applying a glue on face.

After application it tightens my skin. I will apply the mask on clean face and peel it off after it’s fully dried. Avoid applying on eyebrows. It removes facial hair to an extent. When you peel of the mask its painful. It removed the excess oil and dirt from my skin very well and made my skin very soft, smooth, clean and refreshed. The mask reduced pigmentation to an extent. It removes tan on your face very well. This mask is best for oil and normal skin.

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Pros about Khadi charcoal face mask:

Khadi Charcoal Face mask
  • Travel friendly package.
  • It’s made up of natural ingredients.
  • Dries up fast.
  • Removes dirt and excess oil from the skin.
  • It gives clean and fair look skin.
  • Removes facial hair to an extent.
  • It lightens up the pigmentation.
  • It tightens the skin.
  • Budget friendly product.

Cons about khadi charcoal face mask:

  • The cap doesn’t allow the product to come out. We should open the whole cap to use the product.
  • It smells like a glue.
  • It’s very painful while removing.

Availability: Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa

Indian Beauty Miss Rating: 3/5

Will I purchase the product again?

No. It is very painful while peeling off the product and the product didn’t provided the glow which I expected. It is not up to my expectations.

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