Top ten tips for weight loss- results in a month.

Did you decide to reduce weight after hearing comments from your family and friends, that your weight is increasing day by day? If yes, that’s great. I am here to help you. Weight loss is something which is not a very easy task. If you believe in miracles like you can reduce 10 kg in a month this post is definitely not for you. If you want to reduce weight you need to have more patience and effort. The price of success is hard work. Do your best and you will definitely succeed.

Weight loss

There are few tips which you should follow to reduce weight. I have listed them below. Kindly go through you may find them helpful.

Keep yourself hydrated:

Drinking water

  How many of you are drinking enough water that your body needs. We all are addicted to sugar beverages which will increase our weight. Replace those sugar beverages with water. Water hydrates your body and it is 100% calorie free drink. Drinking water an hour before meals will help you to eat in an adequate quantity. Water will boost your metabolism and cleans your body waste.

What you eat counts:

eat healthy

 Diet mean eating all the health food in an adequate quantity. You should eat foods which are rich in proteins, vitamins, iron, minerals etc….. I recommend you to cut the half of the quantity of what you eat and replace them with fruits and veggies. For example, if you eat two cups of rice cut one cup of rice and replace it with fruits or vegetables. Eating three meals a day is a primary rule of weight loss. Eat health to keep yourself healthy.

Never Skip your Breakfast:

Breakfast for weight loss

Do you think skipping breakfast will help you to reduce weight? No absolutely not. Reducing weight is important but staying health is more important. Skipping breakfast will result in weight gain as well as it increases the risk of heart diseases. Eat breakfast like a queen, eat lunch like a princess and eat dinner like a maid. This rule will surely help you to reduce those extra pounds.

Junk food is a beast:

Junk Food

Pizza, Burgers and other junk foods tastes like the best foods in the world. But they are our enemies. They attract us very easily and we can’t control our self if we start eating them. If you want to reduce weight say no to junk foods. Eat fruits, dried fruits and nuts instead of junk food they are the best alternatives. Say good bye to your evil friends and stay healthy.

Walk to reduce weight:

walk to reduce weight

Are you someone who works for eight hours by siting in the same place? are you that lazy girl who never wants to use stairs instead of elevator? If you don’t want to change this habit then forget about reducing weight. If you want to burn those calories you should change some habits. If you are a working women don’t sit in the same place for hours try to walk even if you are busy with your work. Use stairs instead of elevator. Let your calories burn. Exercise is important to reduce weight but you should at least have a moderately active life style. Walk more and more to reach your goal.

Avoid sleeping after a Meal:

sleeping after a meal

Do you feel sleepy after a meal? Well that’s normal. But try not to sleep. You should allow your body to digest. it needs some time to burn calories. Keep a time gap for at least three hours in between your bed time and meal time. Try to do some physical activities instead of laying down that will help your body to burn calories.

Say no to sugar:

no to sugar

Cutting sugar from diet will help us to control our body fat levels. Consuming more sugar leads to obesity and other health issues. Replace sugar with honey and replace those sugar beverages with water and juices like sugarcane juice. Say a strict no to sweets and cookies. Drink sugar less milk, coffee and tea. Sugar is our sweet enemy if you want to reduce weight get rid of sugar from your diet.

Detox drinks – best friends for weight loss:

detox drinks

Flushing out the waste from our body is a very important task. Detox drinks play an important role in weight loss. There is no need to spend money on these drinks. There are many homemade detox drinks which help our body to clean the waste. Getting rid of the body waste will help us to relive from stomach bloating and other health issues like gas trouble. Consuming these drinks early morning in an empty stomach is a most effective way to flush out the body waste.

Have a good sleep:

good sleep

Sleep like a princess to look like a princess. Minimum seven hours sleep is important for our body to function properly. A good sleep will also help us to maintain glossy skin and healthy hair. Say no to sleepless nights. If you don’t sleep well you cannot focus on your work properly. Lack of sleep can affect your overall health and leads you to serious medical conditions.

Exercise regularly to reduce weight:

exercise to reduce weight

According to my personal opinion exercise is the most effective way for weight loss. Exercise in mandatory and the diet is secondary for me. What I count is how much I exercise rather than how much I eat. We should exercise regularly to get that perfect body. Weight loss is impossible without sweating. First you should find out your body shape so that you can focus on that body part which gains weight easily. I attached few exercise video links below. Do exercise regularly and burn those extra calories.

Hard work

By following these steps you will find the changes in your body within a month. Don’t lose your confidence don’t fail to reach your goal. Hard work is the key for success. You will surely see the results if you work hard. Congrats in advance for that zero size figure.

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