Top ten foods for Healthy hair

Healthy hair – only a dream?

Have you watched Rapunzel a Disney princess character? I always envy her. She is my favorite Disney princess character. Having a thick, long, shiny and healthy hair is every girls dream. But only 50% of women has fulfilled their dreams. What about the others? including me if you want to know about my hair fall journey click here.

Ten foods to grow healthy hair

Healthy diet to grow healthy hair

Each hair strand contains protein called Keratin. We all face hair fall at least once in our lifetime. The first wrong step which we take is, always blaming our hair products. We never focus on our diet. Are we eating a proper diet? Question yourself. We need proteins, vitamins, iron etc…. To maintain the health of our hair. Although you are oiling and deep conditioning your hair regularly. What you eat counts first.

There are some foods which you need to add to your diet on a regular basis. The result of this diet is not only healthy hair and also healthy body.


eggs for healthy hair

Eggs are rich in protein and omega – 3 which promotes hair growth. Eating an acceptable limit of proteins is important for our hair growth. Because our hair strands are mostly made up of proteins. Eating an egg in a daily basis will help to promote hair growth.

Red Meat:

Red meat for healthy hair

Red meat contains a large amount of Iron, Minerals and B-Vitamins which promotes hair growth. Taking meat in adequate limit helps you to maintain healthy hair and body. If you have anemia(iron deficiency) eating red meat will help you increase your iron levels.

Sea foods:

Sea food for healthy hair

Sea foods are good sources of Vitamins and Minerals. They also contain healthy fat. It contains omega – 3 fatty acids which are good for hair, eyes and skin. So including fish in your diet helps you to grow strong and healthy hair.



It is another source of protein. Chicken breast is rich in iron it promotes hair growth as well as fights back hair fall and breakage. It also helps in strengthening your hair.



Spinach and green veggies are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps in hair growth. Other green veggies like broccoli also helps to maintain healthy hair.



This soy based food is another great source of iron. Ever women should consume 18mg of iron everyday to maintain healthy hair and body.

Dry fruits and Nuts:

Dried fruits

This are the alternatives for healthy snacks. They not only satisfy our food cravings but also they are rich in iron and Vitamin E. Nuts like Walnuts and Almonds are a great source of protein and iron which makes your hair shiny strong and healthy.


sprouts for hair growth

There are many sprouts available in India they are Mustard sprouts, green gram dal etc… The most important one is green gram dal. It is rich in proteins and nutrients.

Take a clean cloth and soak it in water. Now place the green gram dal in the cloth and tie it. Store it for 2 days and your healthy snack is ready.



It’s another source of protein and calcium. Consuming dairy products is a must in our daily life. They are good for bones as well as it helps in hair growth..



A human body(Adult) contains 60% of water. Water reduces body heat. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and moisturize your scalp and hair. It help to reduce dryness and also helps in maintaining healthy hair.

These foods are easily available in markets. buying a costly hair products doesn’t help to maintain healthy hair. eating a healthy diet is the best way to maintain healthy hair and body.

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