women’s body shapes – Top 5 body shapes.

Do you feel like you particularly look good in some dresses or did you brought a dress that looked beautiful in a shopping mall and after trying do you feel like it doesn’t look good on you?  This mistake is made by every one of us it’s because we don’t have any idea about our body shape. So girls keep your body measurements ready to know your body shape and keep your pocket money ready to get your favorite dress that suits you.

know your body shape

Everyone says looks doesn’t matter but it’s wrong looks does matter. Of course we cannot change how we look but wearing clothes that suits you will help you look better. To know what types of dresses suits you, first you should find out your body shape.

When talking about female body shapes there are 5 important ones, I have listed them below.

Rectangular body shape:

Rectangular body shape

 Women’s with this body shape doesn’t have defined structure. And also you girls won’t put on weight easily. But this doesn’t mean you won’t put weight.  You gain weight a little bit slow comparing to other body types.

  • Your bust and hips are approximately at the same width.
  • Your bottom looks very flat than round.
  • Your waist measurements will be ‘1 to 9’ smaller than your bust.
  • You doesn’t have a defined waist line.
  • Your lower body is your asset.

Pear shaped body:

Pear shape

 Pear shaped body is also known as triangular shaped body. Most of Indian women are from this category.

  • Your hips are larger than your bust.
  • You have slim and gorgeous waist line
  • Your lower body is heavier comparing to upper body and if you gain weight your lower shows the results first.
  • You have elegant neck and your shoulders are smaller than your hip.
  • Your upper body is your asset.

Apple shaped body:

Apple shaped body

Apple shaped body is a little bit opposite to pear shaped body. It means that your upper body appears heavy.

  • Your bust is larger than your hip.
  • You have no waist line but if you exercise regularly you can see results in your waist line.
  • Your upper body gains weight easily.
  • You have lean thighs and well shaped hips.
  • Your lower body is your asset.

Hour glass body shape:

Hour glass body

     If you are from this category, believe me you are the lucky one. You are the picture of well structured beauty women.

  • Your bust and hips have approximately same measurements.
  • You have a well defined waist line.
  • You have round and fabulous bust and hips.
  • Your waist will be ‘9 to 12’ smaller than your hip and bust.
  • Your asset is your whole body. Exercise regularly to maintain your fabulous body.

Diamond body shape:

Diamond shape

It is somewhat similar to apple shaped body. We can recognize it with a slightest difference.

  • You have broader waist and hips comparing to bust.
  • Your gain weight easily on your waist and hip area.
  • You have narrow shoulder comparing to your hip.
  • Your asset is your lower legs.

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